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Promotional Impact Estimation

Marketing Database Analytics is the first of its kind comprehensive, step-by-step detailing of a database analytical process for accomplishing the three focal goals of marketing: new customer acquisition, current customer retention and promotional mix optimization. The revised edition of the 2007 original was published by Routledge, New York, NY & London, UK in 2013.

Marketing Database Analytics: Transforming Data for Competitive Advantage (book)

The rapid proliferation of electronic transaction processing system resulted in an exponential growth of transactional data, as a result of which, virtually all mid-size and larger organizations are "sitting on" enormous reservoirs of past consumer choices. However, in spite of being data-rich, many organizations continue to struggle with translating their data into meaningful decision insights.

Marketing Database Analytics presents a step-by-step process for transforming transactional and other data into competitively advantageous, decision aiding knowledge. The author shows how diverse types of data, including purchase transactions, promotional responses, attitudes and demographics, among others, can be amalgamated into a uniform analytical file that can serve as a launchpin for multi-source analytics. The book expressly addresses the key focal areas of marketing analytics, including customer acquisition and retention, analysis of buyer loyalty and customer value optimization; it also details a comprehensive framework for objectively estimating the profit impact of marketing promotions.

Copyright 2007, 2010, 2013. Hardback $150.00; Paperback $64.95. 432 pages. Routledge / Taylor & Francis / New York, NY & London, UK.



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